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April 18, 2014
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In place of the connectors to complete the pipe run, it is a practical idea to bend the pipe. It can be quickly mastered with some practice. The best and easiest tool to use for this job is a pipe bending spring. Professional tradesmen such as Belsize Park Plumbers use a pipe bender but they are available from hire shops. Patience is a virtue for this job, so you should really take your time and do them one at a time. Once they have all been done, put the pipe in its position and mark up the next one. Now and again Sometimes, you cannot get the pipe into position for marking up, so, you have a couple of choices. You can make several shorter pieces of pipe with less bends, and join them with a straight connection. Or, mark out the pipes on their walls and measure each bend, make a note of all the position details before marking the pipes.

A Pipe bending spring can be used:

With the spring in the pipe, make sure that it runs evenly in the area to be bent. Vaseline is a good lube if the fit is tight. Still too tight? Do you have the correct spring? A spring that is made for 1/2″ pipe cannot be used in a metric15mm pipe.
Once you are sure everything is ok and the bender is in place, bend the pipe to the desired angle by using your knee as a fulcrum point and pull. Over bending will cause the pipe wall to collapse, even though there is a spring inside. Connecting a piece of string to the spring is a good idea, in order that you can retrieve it when the job is done. Gently apply the pressure and try not to over bend. Place the pipework in the correct sized channel. Fit the straight block with the groove on the outer edge. Use the lever handles to apply pressure to the straight block. Keep going, so that it will slowly pull the pipe to the shape of the block, which bends it. Achieve the desired angle, then release the handles and remove the pipe. Professional plumbers such as a Belsize Park Plumber can bend and fit all pipework.

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