WC constantly discharges water

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April 24, 2014
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June 15, 2014
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WC constantly discharges water

WC constantly discharges water.

A WC that is constantly discharges water, has definitely got a problem. The cause of this particular is a few fold, and as most people do not have the skill or knowledge to attempt an investigation usually leave it to a professional plumbing service. Belsize Park Plumbers are fully trained to fix any plumbing problem.

Some of the reasons how and why this might happen:

a). Grit beneath the valve washer.
Grit can stop the valve dropping flat to form a seal at the outlet, you will have to turn the valve completely anticlockwise to separate it from the base plate. This will let you to visually inspect the washer. The water supply to the cistern will need to be isolated. If the washer is damaged or defective after the inspection the valve section should be replaced.

b). Damage to or split siphon/flushing valve.
In this particular case, you should replace the whole flushing mechanism assembly. A Belsize Park Plumber can repair damaged valve assemblies.

c). Worn Washer.
If a new washer for a valved flushing cistern is available (which will depend on the maker). Try this initially, although it is usual for the whole unit to require replacement.

d). Water discharging through an inside overflow.
Means that the float operated valve is not closing off the water inlet after a flush. Inspect for ingress of debris and service or replace as necessary.

e). Siphonic action fails to stop (if siphon type).
If the cistern is permanently allowing water to enter as a result of a defective siphon valve it will fill quickly and overflow. A first aid measure to stop this could be to close the isolation valve slightly. If this is the problem, then, this is only a temporary fix. It is possible that the piston is not dropping once the lever arm has been used. A close inspection of the lever assembly will be required to find the reason.

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