Procedure to Install Kitchen Drain

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July 28, 2015
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Procedure to Install Kitchen Drain

One of the most commonly and the largely used item of the kitchen is the sink. Kitchen sink receives a lot of consumption and diminution of wear and tear. That is why it is very important to properly install sink drain in order to avoid any type of leaks. Installation of a kitchen sink drain is easy for homeowners; homeowners can save a good bunch of money if they perform the job correctly. Installation of kitchen sink drain is trouble-free and a facile task if one has confidence. Here is a brief guide that will help homeowners install kitchen sink. If you are not comfortable with the installation of the kitchen task, it is better for you to seek help from a professional plumber. You can contact us at the Plumbers Belsize Park. We can install it without any type of leaks and problems.

Turn off the water tap before beginning installation of the kitchen drain.

If you are trying to install a new drain, it is better to remove the old drain first.

Clean out the drain with the help of sink cleaner and an old rag.

Get caulking gun and silicone caulk and cut the tips of caulk tube with the help of scissors in a right angle. You can also use a drain flange for this task. Insert the drain flange at the bottom of the sink and turn drain flange in such a way so that its bottom position will be gone up.

Apply the caulk underside of the flange. Insert the flange into the incision of the drain. Moderately turn flange drain in a clockwise direction.

Go under the sink for the installation of the sink basket. When you are inserting the basket, make sure that the sink basket is centered. Centered basket helps to avoid leaks. For a centered sink basket, you can take the help of the tailpiece. Insert tailpiece into the underpinning of the flange. Turn tailpiece in an anticlockwise direction to properly strand it in the place.

Call a plumber
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