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May 8, 2016
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June 5, 2016
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When the washing machine repairs Belsize Park require you to check the electrical system, you may have to call the professional in order to do it for you since it puts you at risk of electrical shock or hazards. There are a couple of things that you will have to do, but you may need to use specialised digital equipment which may not be available to homeowners.

Start by testing the safety switch at the door. You can raise a door of a washing machine, and you may find it at the right side near the bottom front. You can find that there is a plastic post that points down and it aligns to the hole at the lip of an opening. The post is a safety switch and it prevents the washer from working if the lid is still up. You should use a screwdriver so that you may push down a switch that it is located down the lip within the hole or on the door opening of the machine and for the spin or wash cycle.

You should use the tester so that you can see if a washer gets enough electricity inside. If the electricity is entering in the machine, then the washing machine repairs Belsize Park have to address the control panel. When it fails to light up, you have to get the help of a trained professional in order to check out what the problem is and to fix the washing machine. If you have the idea of working with appliances, you can get the instructions of how to do some repairs online. While working on your washing machine, you should never try to put your hands under the tub when it continues to run. Keep in mind that a washing machine is electrical and you should make sure that the electricity does not come into contact with water.

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