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July 10, 2014
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Something called a hot water cylinder is generally used in the majority of UK homes. These vessels are made from really modern materials like plastic. These plastics are strong and resist bacteria formation, and heat. The water that is contained in the cylinder is only for domestic consumption. The hot water cylinder is insulated so that the water stays hot for the longest possible time. The heat tranfer into the water is done by fitting a coil or heat exchanger inside the cylinder and then running hot boiler supplied water through it. The heat then tranfers into the water. The boiler can be gas or an electric immersion heater can be fitted in the cylinder itself. Hot water cylinders for domestic use are of two main types: The Vented Cylinder and The Unvented Cylinder. The cylinder is usually located in the loft. Belsize Park Plumbers can recognise cylinder types. Because they are quite heavy with the high volume of water, they need to be supported. The volume for all new cylinders today is 100ltrs to feed, either a system of cold, or a system of hot water, but, the volume must be at least 200ltrs with an ideal volume of 250ltrs if it feeds both cold and hot water. These vessls are heavy, so really strong timbers and breasts are required to support the weight of the cylinder when it is full of water. One litre of water weighs 1kg, this means, 250ltrs of water would weigh 250kg (1/4 Ton). A Belsize Park Plumber is trained to work on all water systems. The only connections allowed are calle tank connectors. No pastes or compounds should be used. This kind of connector will simply push through a pre-drilled hole in the cylinder, using a plastic washer, so as is tightens it clamps tightly to the cylinder wall.

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