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April 4, 2016
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When your sink blocks again and again, it means that it is getting older and requires change. Old sink pipes and other functions do not work for a long time. Sealants can be dry and small wholes around the sink may be visible. This leaves you with a sink which not only looks bad but also makes problems while cleaning. When we install a new sink from an engineer of block sink Belsize Park, we sometimes don’t get the best result from them because we don’t choose the correct engineer to install our new sink.

Sometimes if we use simple DIY methods to install our new sink, we can get good results. Some of the steps to install a new sink through DIY methods are as follows:
Pat dry the rim of the old sink.
Scratch all the dry and old putty completely off with a sharp knife. Don’t leave any old putty in the rim.
Soak a towel with rubbing alcohol and clean up all the edges of the rim to clean up all the old sealant.
Again dry pat all the area.

Take out your water proof sealant, cut the tube, and place it in the gum gun.
Now place all the sealant properly around the edges.
Place your sink on the rim. With the help of a gum gun, place a thin line of sealant around the edges of the rim.
Fix the sink firmly.

Wet your finger and spread around the edges to make it more firm.
Place all other parts of the sink properly. Leave the sink for a day to complete dry.
These DIY steps are easy to install your new sink, but if you find any difficulty find the best block sink Belsize Park expert to fix the problem.

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