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March 10, 2016
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A boiler is the best way to make your home warm and heated. When you want to take a bath and you need warm water, a boiler is required to give warm water. All the ease of warmness that you want in winter you can get from the boiler at your home. It feels very uncomfortable when you have to live in cold rooms in extreme winters.

It is recommended to turn on your boiler in the spring to avoid being surprised by boiler breakdown in winter. Most of the time a boiler requires a checkup. When we call out an engineer for boiler repairs Belsize Park, he may ask you to change or replace your boiler. Before replacing your broken down boiler, check for boiler breakdown signs yourself to see if it requires replacement or just needs good service.
First of all check your boiler both inside and outside. Is your boiler rusty?

Do you find any kind of crack in or outside your boiler?
Take some time to observe your boiler; is the fuel burning correctly?
Look at your boiler flame; is it constantly yellow or blue? A yellow flame indicates that your furnace is not working properly.

Check out all rooms of your home; are they all warming properly?
Hear out the sounds of your boiler. Is your boiler giving sounds of kittling or rattling? This is the big sign to replace your boiler.
Does your furniture often seem dusty and dirty?

One of the best reasons to replace your boiler is a high energy bill. If your usage is the same and the bills vary from one month to another, it means that your boiler is not working right.
Your area’s engineer of repair boiler Belsize Park may advise you to replace your boiler immediately if it has one or more problems mentioned above.

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