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WC constantly discharges water
April 25, 2014
Hard Water Conditioning
July 10, 2014
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Tools an Materials:

Rubber Gloves.Old Clothes and Cloths.
2mtrs of Cord.Wood Batten 300mm long.
Small Container.Plastic bucket.
Large Adjustable Wrench.

To Remove:
Firstly, it is a good idea to fill a bucket with water just in case the toilet is needed. Now, take the WC cistern lid off and place it in a safe place. Belsize Park Plumbers are skilled plumbers who will fix all types of plumbing problems. Using the container, bail the water out of the cistern. Lifting the float and arm situated in the cistern, place the wooden batten across the top of the cistern. Use the cord to secure the float mechanism from the batten in the fully up position, which will lock off the filling valve at the water inlet. As soon as the cistern is more or less empty, use the wrench to undo the nut underneath the unit. Push the outlet pipe aside. On your model, undo the nut clamps, unhook the wire that links the flush lever to the top of the siphon, now lift the whole siphon out and away from the tank. A Belsize Park Plumber will carry out emergency repairs. The choice is now down to you, whether you replace the siphon complete, or just remove the pierced plastic plate from underneath the siphon, and remove and replace the plastic flap valve. Whichever choice you make, it is a very simple thing to do. Once you have fitted the new flap valve, or purchased a whole new unit, you simply re-fit in reverse all the fittings, and the job is finally done.


A top tip is to thoroughly clean and dry off all the washers, nuts, and surfaces before you re-fit them. This means that you should not have to carry out any other work for some time.

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