Insulation and Prevention of freezing

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April 19, 2014
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Insulation and Prevention of freezing

Water can freeze, we all know that, but some people do not know that when it does, it can increase its size due to expansion up to 10%. Now this is not a problem, that is, of course unless the water happens to be sat in a constricting piece of metal like a pipe. Of course this is now ice and has blocked the pipe from carrying water to a tap for example. Belsize Park Plumbers are experienced in pipework insulation. Before the ice melts there is nothing to see but when the ice starts to thaw then a problem occurs as water starts to leak from the split.


Pipework that has been subject to frost damage could have expanded over the whole length which may complicate the chances of renewing fittings due to the size difference due to this expansion and more pipework may have to removed. The best way to attack this problem is to prevent it from happening by insulating the pipes that are most at risk.

Insulation material uses:

a). Provides a thermal barrier to protect against freezing dangers.

b). Prevents heat loss that can often escape from pipes.

c). Helps to make overall running cost reductions.

d). Helps to provide not only heat loss reduction but also noise reduction from pipework that can be transmitted in for instance, walls made of timber.

A wall is recommended to be at least 22mm when using foam insulation. A Belsize Park Plumber will carry out all major plumbing work. It is entirely possible that pipes in a loft will probably have little or no water flowing through, it is recommended that they should have insulation covering them. This also applies also to the cistern itself, but none is required at the base of the cistern as the warm rising from below will help to stop freezing and keep the water warmish!

Insulation material must be secure. Current Regulations give a full requirement for insulating pipework.

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