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April 22, 2014
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There is a piece of equipment that can deal with a blocked drain whenever and wherever it may happen as it is an annoying and inconvenient problem for any home. The bit of kit is called a “Snake”. It is made up of a coiled spiral metal snake shape that is generally around 1/4-inch diameter and can be up to 25 feet in length as it is retractable with a handle at one end. As a tool, the snake works in a different way to the plunger. The Snake is inserted and pushed into the drain, then using a twisting motion it is sent further into the blocked pipe. It lets you push right on into the main mass of the blockage in the pipe and break it up.

Its length is especially being long enough to reach deep within your pipework although this may be too involved for a DIY novice. Belsize Park Plumbers carry the correct equipment for any plumbing job. Sometimes lots of pressure needs to be applied when turning the handle to get it to transit the various curves in the pipework. Snakes can be used, attached to an electric drill, which increases the power. The spinning action enables the tip of the snake to snag the bulk, hopefully breaking it up allowing bits to be pulled free with the rest being flushed away. A Belsize Park Plumber uses the drain snake and the right expertise and skill that will can guarantee peace of mind.

Tips for blockage prevention:

Sink strainer:

To hold foreign material for going down the drain and causing a block.

Garbage disposal (good practice) (if fitted):

Always run cold water in the GD at a high speed while the machine is mashing up the garbage. Let the water run on for more than a minute or so after you are finished. This will flush the garbage right out of the small bore sink drainpipe and into the larger main drain.

Finally: Don’t allow non mashable foodstuffs to be put down into the GD so they do not solidify and block the drain.

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